CIVET Consultants and IT Services

"We're still in the first minutes of the first day of the Internet revolution" - Scott Cook

At CIVET, our endeavor is to bring technology to everyone; we firmly believe that the world is in its initial flush, and the transformational impact of emerging technology lies ahead of us. We endeavor to apply technology as a modular tool kit to solve real world problems. Our unique model enables us to impact real world solutions using a deep pool of talent that can be leveraged to find the right answer to the the right questions.

We actively engage with and have considerable capability in deploying real-world emerging technology solutions across domains such as Blockchain, IoT, AI, etc.  ​If you have a business problem that seeks an innovative eye then we will provide you the necessary skill and expertise to achieve solutions in a measurable, time-bound and result-oriented manner. Our unique business model enables us to capture a deep intellectual capital in several emerging technology domains. Consultations with domain experts will be provided before you make any decisions.

We design winning emerging technology implementation strategies for companies; AI and Blockchain for business remain our core business offerings besides Websites, APIs, mobile apps, optimized content for SEO, and managing the entire life cycle of digital content production and dissemination. Please click on the relevant section of the website to know more, you may also reach out to us on the 'contact us' section of this website.