CIVET Consultants and IT Services (Blockchain as a Service BaaS)

Blockchain Technology has had a transformational impact across industries since its inception, at CIVET, we actively work with industry experts to innovate and design solutions that stand out. .

We have a battery of deployable solutions to enhance digital privacy across domains, enhance supply chain visibility, drive citizen and government collaboration, anonymize voting, enhance fintech and transactional visibility, etc. At CIVET we focus on enterprise level Blockchain solutions to bring the power of distributed ledgers to your business.

We have a team of accomplished blockchain architects, developers and experts, coupled with considerably heavy artillery in advanced cryptology and post quantum cryptology, that enable us to work at the forefront of cyber security assignments with a wide variety of clientele. Find a brief snapshot of a digitally powered privacy solution below.

Digitally Integrated Privacy Solution (diPS) is a privacy preservation platform that utilises machine learning powered GDPR compliant search and summarisation techniques to seamlessly secure data streams from various sources such as social media data, search engines government based data sources and other third party data sources from privacy based and cyber security vulnerabilities/violations.

1. The fusion of data is powered by machine learning based semantic summarization techniques.
2. The integrated data is then presented to the custodian or the end-user.
3. The user can then verify the data with a publicly verifiable credential and integrated data is sourced to a cryptographic engine powered by Zero Knowledge Proof Principles.
4. diPS then converts the integrated data into cryptographic proofs powered by quantum randomness.
5. This unique implementation provides unprecedented security from cyber security threats.
6. The ‘Zero Knowledge Proofs’ of the aforementioned data will then be stored in a publicly distributed ledger (blockchain) for all purposes and will be accessible to all authorised private or other players through proxy re-encryption based secure means.

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